I would like to thank our drivers. Our pick up on arrival was very professional, the driver was kind and very courteous. He smiled which I find is hard for a lot of people in the service industry. He chatted with us on our drive into the hotel and answered our questions. For our return we decided to leave a little earlier in the day. I called the driver the day before and was told no problem. The day of our departure we were ready earlier than expected and called in the off chance we could be picked up earlier. Our original driver came for us and we did not know that the roads would be closed due to the Independence Day celebrations. The driver made sure we got to our car which was a different driver who took us to the airport. We are very grateful for our first driver and his kindness. Our final driver was just as courteous and helpful as well as smiled. This is a big deal when dealing with people. Your company is professional courteous and very helpful. I will certainly use you again and spread the word smo b my friends to use your company. Many thanks for a great experience.

Deborah Brandt

The driver was very polite and pleasant.


Friendly and reliable drivers, on time and well dressed, great support from their office with itinerary…


The drivers were easy to locate in the airport, smartly presented, very helpful. Thank you!